Mariposa Pines Mutual Water Company

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We sincerely hope this finds all of us in good health!

We are all aware by now that Mariposa County is proceeding with the opening of our county. We have been, so far, less impacted than most neighboring counties. Whether this changes, as visitors once again come into and through our area, is as yet unknown. So far, we have been approved to a “Level 2.5” reopening. Please keep informed of any distancing and other advisories as time goes forward.

For an increasing number of us, this also means that there is hope for a reopening of vacation and other rentals of all kinds. We hope that Mariposa Pines renters will take the time to help their guests and renters to be mindful of the health and safety of other residents. This is especially true for continuing Covid-19 concerns, but also for the safety of our neighborhood in other ways as well. For example part of the charm of our area relies on minding the speed limits in our development, and adhering to fire safety guidelines.

Spring also means a mindful awareness of our water use. 

Thanks to the late rains, we are not in nearly as dire a condition as might be the case. Remember that our development is small and we need to prevent the over-taxing of our equipment as well.

We are asking that all residents and renters adhere to our home watering schedule

Monday-Wednesday-Friday for odd addresses,


Tuesday-Thursday-Saturday for even addresses,

NO watering on Sundays. 

We ask that renting owners post this schedule for the benefit of clientele.

Water Rates went up August 1, 2019. 
We failed to get access to Grant Funds because of a lack of participation in the income survey) 

                                   Please be sure we have your current HOME, EMAIL address, and PHONE.  
You can message us at: [email protected]

Welcome to Mariposa Pines and the Mariposa Pines Mutual Water Company.  MPMWC is a community well system which provides water for all residents in the Mariposa Pines Sub-division. There are few areas in the County that are fortunate enough not to have to maintain private wells to get water. MPMWC is a volunteer run company set up to govern and maintain the water system.  We are completely reliant on people within the community to participate in all aspects of its operation.  The advantages are our ability to keep costs down and to have direct control over the quality of water that is delivered to us and our families.

The Board

Board members are elected on a yearly basis and installed at the Annual Membership Meeting & Picnic in July.  The Board consists of 5 Members nominated and voted on by the community members. Several other community members serve as consultants providing services such as Treasurer, Secretary and Technical support.  Everyone is encouraged to become involved.  

The time commitment is minimal and the contribution invaluable.  

Water Board Members


                    Roy Leach,  President                                         209-742-7130 

                    Tom Atkins,Vice President                                 209-742-2333

                    Carmel Lozano, Board Member                         209-742-5881

                    Dusty Luker, Board Member                              209-742-5873

                    Asim Grebo, Board Member                              209-742-4464

Board Consultants

                    Terry Burley, Secretary                                        209-742-6752

                    Linda Perez, Treasurer                                         209-742-2705

                    Richard Lozano                                                    209-742-5881 

Operator and Testing

                   Heath Harris                                                        209-617-2384

                 Yosemite Well Testing